Prairie House Plans

Living in a welcoming home in a lovely setting is the American dream. Maybe you have country farm house plans of your own after seeing television shows featuring old-time family life. The rich history of prairie style homes makes them a modern delight.

Updated prairie homes were originally built in the early 1900s by world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed prairie houses to blend into the flatter prairie landscape. The houses got their name after 1901 when Wright’s plan entitled “A Home in a Prairie Town” in Ladies Home Journal.

The original prairie houses were made of plaster with wood trim. Some prairie style houses were sided with horizontal batten and board. Now prairie style homes use concrete block. They can be square, T-shaped, Y-shaped, L-shaped or shaped like a pinwheel.

Prairie house plans typically include certain features. A prairie style home is recognized by its low-pitched roof, horizontal lines, overhanging eaves, central chimney, clerestory windows and an open floor plan. Wright designed prairie homes because he felt the rooms in Victorian houses were confining and boxed-in. Leaded glass panels often divide the rooms for a more open, spacious feeling.

Many consider the Frederic C. Robie House the finest example of the Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style. The Frederic C. Robie House was built in Chicago in 1909. The Frank W. Thomas House in Oak Park, Illinois is considered to be Wright’s first prairie house and was also one of he first times he used stucco.

Prairie style houses actually used Japanese architecture. Flowing interior areas and long, banded windows create geometric shapes and patterns. The low-lying design is meant to integrate right into the surrounding landscapes. Wright believed homes should exist in harmony with nature. Prairie house floor plans are designed so they won’t intrude on the landscapes around them.

Prairie houses were the first American architecture style that was seriously considered in Europe. This attractive house design remains popular throughout the United States. Unbelievably, Wright never even attended architecture school. Wright’s down-to-earth beginnings were working on his uncle’s farm during his childhood.

Wright enjoyed a 70-year career and ultimately designed 1,141 buildings of all kinds. Of all these designs, 532 were completed and 409 are standing today. Wright realized how noticeable his work was and stated, “The physician can bury his mistakes, but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Other architects designed variations of the prairie style house. The American foursquare style is also known as a Prairie Box. In 1936, Wright designed a simplified version of prairie style houses called Usonian. A modern prairie style house is a luxurious oasis tucked away in lush landscapes.

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Design Styles - Country Style

Country Style is all about the simpler pleasures of life. Different types of Country style such as: French Country, English Country, Italian Country or Tuscan, American Country, and Modern Country display the universal appeal of Country style. Each began in a different location, but the time-tested charm of country living is evident in each of these varying styles.

French Country design displays a rustic version of the more formal French designs. Wood pieces are often left unfinished, or possibly finished in warm honey tones. Use of natural materials, such as woven rush seats or a natural stone floor, is common and can add to the rural feel. Wrought iron or other weathered metal finishes are at home in French Country style. Popular colors would include saturated hues of yellow, blue, green, and gold.

English country style describes a look that was common in the country houses of England. Whether grand or humble, it exudes a more relaxed and comfortable style than traditional English designs. The key word for English country style is “garden.” Colors, fabrics, and accessories take their inspiration from nature, specifically a garden in bloom. Chintz fabrics are a dead giveaway for an English country space but other patterns such as stripes, ginghams, and plaids are also welcome. Many wood tones and finishes can be used ranging from dark stain to unfinished pine.

Italian country style, sometimes called Tuscan style, refers to a look found in an Italian villas or farmhouses in the countryside. Like other country styles, it is simpler than its sophisticated version. Colors are rich and warm including terracotta, ochre, green, and golden yellow. Natural stone fireplaces or floors bring the outdoors in and give a rustic feel. Textured or plastered walls and rough-hewn beams provide texture. Simple wood pieces are often unfinished and patina is encouraged on surfaces. Tile, wrought iron, and marble often accent furnishings.

Much like America itself, American country style has its roots in several cultures and periods. Shaker, colonial, Pennsylvania Dutch, Swedish, southwestern, and mission are just a few of the influences blended into American country style. The home countries of emigrants played a significant role in the décor and furnishings of their homes. In American country style, simplicity is key. Furniture can be painted, stained, or unfinished. Accessories are often simple items found in nature or baskets. Lighting and window coverings are simple and spare.

Modern country design combines traditional country elements with modern pieces for an updated look. A minimalist attitude towards accessories, paint finishes, and artwork makes a space more current. Injecting a modern piece of furniture or lighting is a great way to mix the traditional country feel with modern. Funky artwork or bright bold pillows change the feeling of a space. Modern country style could be called an eclectic mixing of styles.
The wonderful thing about country style is that it is meant to be relaxed and comfortable. Rules can be broken and mixing in what you like is a great way to personalize any space. Country style encourages enjoying your surroundings indoors and out.

Have You Gone Tired of Your Floors? - Go For Discount Wood Flooring

Tired of your old floors? Try wood flooring and enjoy the well-laminated and shiny floors. Now, you’ve been living in that house for so many years now and you notice some changes. The house which used to be your dream house starts to have soot on the wall, dust on the walls and ceilings that are just hard to get and the worst, irremovable stains on your floor! Before you get annoyed and get frustrated of your house, think about getting this nicely done flooring.

But yeah, here’s the deal. Wood flooring is quite expensive and strenuous. Changing your floors might be hard because you still have to decide on the kind of wood that you are going to use for your floors, the designs of the flood, how you are going to install them and definitely whether or not the floors will just suit your house best. However, there are stores which are primarily focused on different kinds of wood flooring and those that offer discount wood flooring.

Thinking about how these materials and the labor fee will definitely give you a headache but discount wood flooring would really save your life. These stores usually offer packages from the kinds of floors to the services of installing them in your house. You wouldn’t have to think much about it because there will be people working for the stores who would advise you on what to do. Usually, they also give some sample pictures so that you can imagine your house in all kinds of wood they have and thus, you can choose the wood and the color that you want.

Wood flooring comes in different styles and one is the engineered wood. This type is best when you want to have a uniform wood in every part of the house as it doesn’t usually get affected by the change in humidity. It is also easy to install. The second type is solid hardwood or the real hardwood. This type is usually used in places where the humidity is low because it usually expands or contracts. However, the good thing about this is, when it is properly maintained, this kind of wood would last for a long time. The third type is laminated type. This type ensures cleanliness and brightness because it can withstand stains and even nail polish. It is also easy to install and can be used immediately. Thus, when choosing for the right kind of wood for your house, it has to meet your purpose for the house.

Looking for a wood might be hard but finding a store that has discount wood flooring is just like a piece of cake. These stores are just around the corner of your neighbourhood or the nearest mall and let’s not forget the power of the internet. Almost everything that we want can be found on the internet and so is the shop with discount wood flooring.

Wood Blinds Are Attractive Window Dressing Materials

Wood blinds make a difference in the show of a room by changing mood and bringing warmth so that you enjoy the place more than before. It also supports the control of outside light entering the room. Venetian wood blinds are really beautiful in decorating windows of your house and with some conceptual planning; you can uplift the beautiful image of the room.

Wood blinds are becoming immensely popular these days due to its availability in various colors and styles and sizes so that it can match the designs of most of the home decoration plans. These are fantastic style statements and speak about the life style of the house owner. You can get your choice of this from the nearby home décor stores to make over the decoration of your house with vibrant colors to suit your taste.

You will get different varieties of it. They have created designs and styles like vertical blinds, woven blinds and mini blinds and so on. Plenty of colored designs are available freely in varied shades obtained from varieties of types of wood materials. You can get the customized wood blinds from the album of the home décor store. They have the roll on type or the motorized ones, the UV resistant type, and many more. You will get the advice from the home décor consultant in the same store.

You will have to decide the style and color depending on the particular room you have in mind to decorate with this. Interior designing guide books are of immense help for you in this situation or you can consult the interior designer over phone to seek his advice. However, you must be accustomed with some type of wood blind to carry on with your mission of putting new wood blinds in your house.

The horizontal types of these are of wooden slats, crafted from different kinds of wood. Normally, the wood that is used is from pine or cedar trees. These are quite suitable for places like bathrooms, kitchen or in reading rooms where you require outside light in abundant way. The wood used for kitchen and bathroom are treated to resist moisture. They can be closed easily to obtain privacy in the bathroom whenever required.

The vertical wood blinds are preferred for living rooms and other places where you need the window open for abundance of light. They are specially required during cold days when you may need some direct sunlight to enter into your room. These types of wood blinds are seen in offices to allow outside light to come in. They make wonderful show of the room and speak of the exquisite taste of the home or office owner. The use of wood blinds are recommended for the rooms where you have approximately steady temperature and lesser humid atmosphere so that they remain a long time in place to enhance the show of the room.

Wood blinds are popular because they add attraction to your room or house and match every kind of home decoration. They are freely available and in many designs to suit your taste and lifestyle.